Terms of Use

The agreement makes use of terms and conditions for our travel agency to offer services to all visitors of our website and to those people who chose to obtain any of the services we offer. This will also be completely understood and read and will also be expressly accepted depending on the governed provisions and transactions we offer for travelling purposes. All liabilities and rights of our users with respect to the services we provide will also be restricted according to our terms of use scope agreement.


Agreement Acceptance

You agree to our terms and conditions which have been outlined to the terms of use of our website. This kind of agreement puts emphasis on the agreement on our site. And then, our visitors will be completely secured and protected. This can also be amended anytime you want without any specified notice. The latest agreement on our website will also be immediately posted. And then, you need to review this agreement before using our website.


The following terms of use can be applied to all the travel which will be organized by our travel agency at HotelXM. For such purpose, Travel term shall also include the combinations of domestic or international flights from the origin point to the final destination. These will also include all resorts, accommodations, hotels, tours, transfers, rentals and a lot more which will be organized by our travel agency at HotelXM.


If the booking accommodations, flights and all other services will be provided by someone and not with HotelXM, your travel contact will then be subjected to some conditions which will be set forth to the company. This is also during instances that booking conditions of airlines will be applicable. This condition will also not put any effect to your statutory rights.


Make a Booking

When you rely on our company as your travel agency, you have the right to accept or refuse any of the booking conditions we offer. A contract will also immediately appear upon accepting any money during the booking process that will be issued with itinerary or confirmation. The conditions will also be presented for your complete understanding.  You also need to approve the agreements between you and our travel agency at HotelXM!


Our Rates

All the rates we accept at your booking processes will not be subjected to any sub charges. The only exception includes increase in the cost that arises from the result of any action of the government but not included and limited to increase in taxes.


Accepted Payments

Otlakom accepts payments in different forms and ensures to give you the protection and security to all your payments method.

You can pay directly at our office, or pay via bank transfers, also we accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Upon the payment receipt, you will also receive any of the following:

·  Payment received confirmation.

·  Detailed itinerary of the trip

·  Airline electronic tickets.

·  Official receipt from the internal revenue


Now, you already have learned more about the terms of use of our company. Follow the terms as part of agreeing on our company!


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