Privacy Policy


Thank you for spending time and effort visiting HOTELXM we portal and reviewing our travel agency’s privacy policy! The main goal of our travel policy is to inform all people of the specific kind of information and details we gather. This is also as soon as you visit our web portal and how we will use your information.


HotelXM's Data Collection Policy

Our web server collects and stores all pieces of information that you will have to send us:

●        Numerical address of the internet, domain, name and all related matters that you use for the access of the internet.

●        Time and date you access our website.

●        Web page internet address you use.

●        Page you requested from our website including the character numbers that you have sent to the computer.

●        Information from the web browser sent to us and will be called as the user agent that primarily identifies the software of the browser and indicates the kind of CPU, its operating system and kind of CPU used in your own personal computer.


HOTELXM also intends to analyze the log files to learn how visitors will use our website and the improvements they want to make to improve the experience of users.


Useing Your Details or Information Policy

Personal information of users who visit our website will not be used and collected. This is also unless you choose to give us the information. As part of our privacy policy, we will not identify users individually or share some information we received from outside parties with an exception to the authorized law and official enforcement investigations. This can also be highlighted in some suspected attempts to purposely circumvent the security of the system with an intention to gain unauthorized access or inflict to the technical damages.


E-Mail Collecting Policy

We also make use of personal information which has been sent to us through email. We will also respond to your request for assistance or information purposes. This highlights forwarding some information to your email in handling some of your requests. We don’t anticipate distributing or retaining your email addresses to the outside parties. All information we have collected through the emails will be retained. This is also as long as we complete your entire response.

If for some instances, you choose not to receive any email marketing detail or information from our company, please follow the unsubscribe link that you may find at the bottom part of each of the email we have.


HOTELXM's Cookies Policy

HOTELXM uses cookies for anonymous tracking visitors. Our web servers assign each of the visitor who choose to get in touch with our site to make use of unique type of numerical ID to help us identify how unique the visitors who visit our website. Personal information of our visitors will also be entirely based on their numerical ID’s. Information that will be entered in our travel agency reservations and inquiries will not be related or linked to cookie data.




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