How to Book

How to Book?

Booking your travel ahead of time is an essential way to make your travel experience more fun, more convenient and safer. This is also a one way to avoid yourself experience any problem since you’re already prepared of all the things you need. At HOTELXM, we highly recommend all our valued clients to book their travel ahead of time.


At HOTELXM, we offer three essential ways on how to book your travel. These three ways are essential since our clients are given the chance to choose from three of the easiest and simplest ways on how to book their travel to our travel agency. We are already in this kind of service for ten years. We are confident to say that we already have the knowledge on how we to help you out in booking your travel.


Here are three of the ways on how you can book your travel to our travel agency in HOTELXM:


1.  By Calling

You can call us at 920002517

As soon as you call our company, one of our representatives will ask you some details of your planned travel for booking your hotels, flights, cruises, Tours and all other information for your travel. You no longer need to wait since as you call our company, our representative will pick up the phone to answer you.



1.      By Filling Out Request Form

If you can’t call our travel agency, well, it’s not the time to give up! This is due to the fact that you can still book for your travel through filling out our request form. This includes some of the necessary information you need to fill out to especially the schedule of your travel, the destination you wanted to travel and number of guests. and our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.


1.  By Booking Online

If you can’t fill out a form or call us, then you may try our last booking options that include booking online. Booking online is also made easy and simple to assure that you can book your travel ahead of time.


Including the following six consequent steps:



enter your destination or a hotel name, travel dates and numbers of guests.



Compare the various & available hotels



Check and confirm the details, scroll down optional extras if required. and click "BOOK NOW"



Add guests information for all travelers.



Fulfil the due payment with your preferred method, accept terms and conditions, and click " PAY  NOW" to finalise your booking.



A confirmation page will appear to confirm that your booking was successfully completed. You will receive a confirmation email within the following 24 hours containing all your booking details with a piece of important travel information.  


With these three ways of booking your trip at HOTELXM, we assure you that you will never experience any stress, hassles or problem in booking your trip. We’re here to make your travel experience more fun and more exciting.


So, are you ready to book now? Book your trip at HOTELXM today!

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